Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Congress for Curious Peoples, Barcelona Begins Tonight in the Royal Academy of Medicine's 18th Century Anatomical Theatre!

Hope to see you tonight at night one of the Congress for Curious People Barcelona 2014 with "Medicine and Science in Old Barcelona" taking place in the Royal Academy of Medicine's sumptuous 18th Century Anatomical Theatre (above), one of the best preserved in the world.

You can find out more tonight's event--and all the others in this series--by clicking here. You can read more about the festival, from today's issue of El Periódico, translated from the Catalan via Google Translate (original here). Hope to see you there!
For five days, Barcelona will host the fifth annual Congress of Curious People, born in 2010 in Coney Island (New York) initiative of Joanna Ebenstein , artist and founder of Morbid Anatomy Museum of Brooklyn. This institution is one of the promoters of the special meeting , proposed itineraries , festivals , lectures and visits to unique and difficult places in Barcelona .

The other organizers are a company dedicated to cultural tourism VIA Barcelona Kriminal Kabarett , alternative cabaret directed by Felipe Trigo . He took the initiative to move a conference , which until now had only been held in New York and London, in the Catalan capital . The public response was so good that last night because there was no entry. Moreover, there is a waiting list . If it were a living , they should hang a poster of " sold the tickets ."

The reasons for this success are that the groups should be small and that the proposals are very interesting. " Entering the private gardens of the Casa Vicens, Gaudí , the bunker of the former Soviet embassy Tibidabo, which hosted espionage agents of the twentieth century , at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Medicine in the basement of a restaurant in the Plaza Real hidden surprise and Atelier La Muerte Negra Grace , "says Trigo , which is also in specialized guide history and sights of Barcelona.

The key that opens the doors to these areas is difficult to achieve and impossible if you do not know the secret places of Barcelona. " Grace is a proposal together with a cultural point of entertainment ," believes the director of the Barcelona edition . So the congress coincides with the carnival and its masked balls .

The itineraries are invited to know why Barcelona was called the Pink City of wonders or fire . Or route by the mysteries of Count Cagliostro , the circle of erudite sages Born and debauchery in the time of Napoleon .

Henry H. March, author of the blog Bereshit , gives a lecture today about the missing Rock Museum . In his opinion , the aim of the conference is to analyze the tale of everything that fascinated our grandparents and, beyond aesthetic reasons , " continues to seduce us today ."

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