Monday, April 7, 2014

Special, Limited Edition Print by Artist and Board Member Mark Dion, Available Only Through the Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter!

Mark Dion is one of our favorite contemporary artists here at Morbid Anatomy. His work deals with taxonomies, natural history, cabinets of curiosity, collectors and collecting, and humankind's relationship with nature. He creates wonderfully immersive, aesthetic and thought provoking installations (such as those above) often using hidden collections as their basis. Not surprisingly, his knowledge of museum history and obscure collections is unrivalled.

This is one reason that we are so pleased and honored to have Mark Dion on the board of directors of the new Morbid Anatomy Museum.

Mark has very kindly created a wonderful, limited edition, signed print--see top image above, pre-signing!--available only to the first 14 people to make a donation of $2,000 or more via our current Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter. Said Kickstarter will help fund the build out of our new 3-floor, 4,200 square foot Morbid Anatomy Museum, which we plan to open at the end of April.

If you cannnot afford to bid $2,000, don't despair! Smaller bids to the Kickstarter will get you such things as a copy of the Morbid Anatomy Anthology  ($25! add $10 for international shipping!); Museum membership ($40) and membership plus an exclusive Walter Potter Kitten Tea Party signed photograph ($100) while other high-end bids will get you "experiential awards" with stars of TV's Oddities including a trip to Brimfield with Evan Michelson, shooting with Mike Zohn and a private tour of Ryan Matthew Cohn's astounding home museum ($1000 each); a collectable set piece from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas; tickets to Morbid Anatomy's popular Day of the Dead bus trip ($1,3000);  a private party in the museum ($5,000); and much more!

We hope you agree with us that this is a good cause, and consider making a donation today at!

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