Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Special Private Tour of Ryan Matthew Cohn's Home Museum: Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter Award!

Huge thanks also to all of those who have already donated to our Morbid Anatomy Museum Kickstarter campaign! The campaign ends in less than 3 days; we hope if you have not yet donated you will consider doing so!

One of the most spectacular awards of this Kickstarter is a private tour of the home museum of star of TV's Oddites Ryan Matthew Cohn. Following is a guest post by Morbid Anatomy Library Head Librarian Laetitia Barbier about this collection; You can donate--and secure your own private tour of Ryan's incredible (pictured above!) home for a $1,000 bid!--by clicking here: You can learn more about this amazing collection in the video above (or click here) by Morbid Anatomy Filmmaker in Residence Ronni Thomas.
Only 2 days left to support our Kickstarter Campaign and seize the opportunity to visit one of New York’s most spectacular private collections: that of Ryan Matthew Cohn, antique dealer and artist who established in his Brooklyn home a secretive sanctuary celebrating Death in a myriad of relics. Medical specimens, taxidermy and tribal arts, this carefully curated environment is like a Huysmans-ian fantasy. Building himself an intimate version of the Pitt River Museum and the Mutter Museum reunited, Ryan is one of the few people who can have breakfast in his living room, silently observed by shrunken heads and more than a hundred human craniums. This Secret Museum is of course not open to the public and only his personal friends get to enjoy this unique and profoundly eccentric habitat.

As a faithful friend to our organization, Ryan has kindly agreed to donate a guided tour of his home museum for our Kickstarter Campaign. It might be the only chance you even get to see this collection that everybody talks about but very few have seen! Every objects in this vast collection has a peculiar history and Ryan, an enchanting storyteller, will tell you all! 
 Photos from Collector's Weekly via Boing Boing.

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