Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hair Art, Death Masks, Spirit Photography and Arcane Books: Come to the Morbid Anatomy Museum for Free this Saturday and Sunday, October 18 and 19th, from 12-6!

This weekend October 18th and 19th--as part of Gowanus Open Studios--The Morbid Anatomy Museum will be free and open to the public from 12-6!

Now on view is our "Art of Mourning" exhibit, featuring dozens of stunning, never before exhibited postmortem photographs, spirit photographs, memorial paintings and more from the private collection of Stanley B. Burns MD, author of Sleeping Beauty and founder of the astoundingly rich Burns Archive (website here). The show also features a dizzying array of hair art shadowboxes and jewelry and dioramas (!), death masks, and more from the collections of Evan Michelson (co-curator of the exhibition), Karen Bachmann, Jennifer Berman, Elizabeth A. Burns, Alice Lease Dana, Tracy Hurley MartinEvan Michelson and Mike Zohn. You can find out more on that here.

The Morbid Anatomy Library will also be open, so come play with the books, the bones, and the Santa Muerte statues! Hope to see you there!

Image top to bottom:
  1. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Stanley B. Burns MD  and The Burns Archive "Memorial Wall"
  2. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Death Masks; top: L'Inconnue de la Seine, Collection of Evan Michelson; Bottom: Unknown man, Collection of Mike Zohn
  3. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Memorial hairwork on glass (unfinished?), probably late 19th century, Collection of Jennifer Berman
  4. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Framed mourning woolwork with hair, Collection of Jennifer Berman
  5. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Mourning pendant, late 18th century, Collection of Jennifer Berman
  6. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Large shadowbox with hair wreath and photo, mid 19th century, Collection of Evan Michelson
  7. Art of Mourning Exhibition: Memorial Diorama: Graveyard scene with human hair, painted wood and wax, dated 1886. The leaves on the trees and shrubs in this unusual diorama—and the chain linking the fence posts—all incorporate real human hair, presumably that of the dead beloved. Collection of Evan Michelson
  8. Morbid Anatomy Library
  9. Morbid Anatomy Library
  10. Morbid Anatomy Library

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