Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Uncanny! When Women Wore Birds! Morbid Anatomy Free Open House! This Week and Beyond at The Morbid Anatomy Museum

Following is a list of newly announced and directly upcoming Morbid Anatomy Museum events; for a list of ALL upcoming events, click here.

We at Morbid Anatomy are committed to making all of our events affordable, but to do this, we need you support. If you are a fan of what we do, please consider becoming a member (with all the benefits that entails!) by clicking here, or making a donation by clicking here. To sign up for our mailer and get these alerts sent weekly directly to your inbox, click here.

Thanks, and hope to see you at one of these great upcoming events!

  • Free Morbid Anatomy Open House Sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin and Featuring Quirky Tours, Taxidermy and Hair Art Demonstrations, Short Talks, Interviews, Music and More!
    Sunday, November 23; Detailed lineup here
  • Christmas Special Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Class with DivyaSaturday December 13th, 12pm - 5pm,  $110 one headed/$125 two headed; Tickets (and more info) here
  • The Art of Decay: An Evening of Drawing, Drinks and Music Monday.
    December 15th, 8pm - 11pm, $15, Tickets (and more info) here
  • The French Pantheon and its Dead: The Grateful Fatherland: An Illustrated talk by Mitch Abidor, Writer and Translator
    Wednesday December 17th, 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here  
  • NYC Gin Society present: All About Bitters.
    Friday, December 19, 7:30pm, $30 for non-members, $20 for Gin Society and Morbid Anatomy members, Tickets (and more info) here
  • The Public Corpse: Death Rituals and the Spaces Dedicated to Them in Rome An Illustrated Lecture by Elizabeth Harper
    Monday, November 3rd, 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here
  • A Theoretical Ghost: Analyzing the Uncanny Through the Lens of Charles Dickens’ Night Walks An Illustrated Lecture with Romany Reagan
    Tuesday, November 4th, 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here
  • Playthings and Patents: The Dark Intersection Between Toys, Technology and Art An Illustrated Lecture with Eric "Indin" Bleich
    Wednesday, November 5th, 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here
  • When Women Wore Birds: Avian Finery of the Gilded Age An Illustrated lecture with Laura Allen
    Thursday, November 6th, 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here
  • Adventures With The Burns Archive: An Open Forum with Stanley B. Burns, MD and Elizabeth A. Burns
    Friday, November 7th 8pm, $8, Tickets (and more info) here
  • H.P Lovecraft Brooklyn Guided Tour with Jane Rose
    Saturday, November 8th, 2pm, $20, Tickets (and more info) here
  • Wearable Bird Taxidermy Class with Divya Anantharaman
    Sunday, November 9th, 12pm - 6pm, $200, Tickets (and more info) here

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