Wednesday, April 8, 2015

15 Hours Left to Support "Moose Head Over the Mantel," New Film Inspired by The Fox Sisters, The Davenport Brothers, Spirtualism, and Lizzie Borden!

Following is a guest from our good friend Jane Rose, who is in the midst of fundraising for a fascinating sounding film project! You can read more here, and find out more about the project--and lend your support, which you can do only for the next 15 hours!--by clicking here.
Moose Head Over the Mantel, a feature length horror film that follows a family with a touch of “bad blood” in them over several murderous decades, is in its final days of fundraising on Indiegogo. The story is influenced and inspired by the lives of H. H. Holmes, The Bender Family, Lizzie Borden, Carl Panzram, The Fox Sisters and The Davenport Brothers, as well as the Spiritualism movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the rise of psychiatric pharmacology in the 1970s and ‘80s. And true to its title, it is told primarily from the perspective of a taxidermy moose head that hangs over the family’s mantel.
If this sounds like your kind of movie, please consider helping us out! This movie is produced by award-winning filmmakers Bryan Enk and Jessi Gotta through Inappropriate Films and is co-directed by Jane Rose (1880s), Matt Gray (1900s), Shannon K Hall (1920s), Jessi Gotta (1940s), Becky Comtois (1960s) and Bryan Enk (1980s). Morbid Anatomy fans will find a lot to like, including the central role of taxidermy and contributions from Morbid Anatomy friends Jane Rose (creator of the H P Lovecraft in Brooklyn tour, run through Morbid Anatomy) and Wilder Duncan, who made sure our star moose looks his best.

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