Sunday, June 21, 2015

Call for Submissions: Short, Documentary and Feature Science/Art Films for 8th Imagine Science Film Festival! Deadlines July 1 and August 1

Our friends at the Imagine Science Film Festival are seeking submissions short, documentary and feature films "on the full spectrum of other scientific subjects, in all genres" for possible inclusion in the 8th Imagine Science Film Festival. This will take place from October 16 – 23 at a variety of locations including The Morbid Anatomy Museum.

The regular deadline is July 1, and the late deadline August 1. Call for works below follows; more can be found here.
Air. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide. That which fills our lungs and spans the skies. The medium through which birds and airplanes glide, not to mention sound waves. The vehicle of the soul (so it was thought) during the exhalation of the last breath. The Imagine Science Film Festival returns for its "Air" themed 8th edition over 9 days this October, and we'll be joining Morbid Anatomy and other fantastic spots around New York to bring you the most inventive cinema that science has to offer! Though we will focus on air in all its forms and meanings -- respiration, aeronautics, the atmosphere, weather, climate -- we're also seeking films on the full spectrum of other scientific subjects, in all genres!
Send us your scientific investigations, innovative animations, thought-provoking fictions, invented documentaries, sci-inspired experiments, and more!
Imagine Science Film Festival website 

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