Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Living Dead: Inside the Palermo Crypt, Marco Lanca (2000)

Thanks so much to Herbert Pfostl (of the wonderful websites Blind Pony Books and Paper Graveyard) for alerting me to the presence of this amazing book from his collection, Living Dead: Inside the Palermo Crypt. Per my request, he kindly scanned in some images from the book and wrote a brief review for Morbid Anatomy:

A splendid photo book about the eight thousand 'paper' corpses - hanging, drained, straw filled and eyeless from 'walls darkened by death' in the niches and corridors beneath the Chiesa dei Cappuccini. Forty four saints, virgins and very old looking children, and soldiers and priests in lace and garments with stories from their 'dust filled hearts' - beautifully imagined by Laura Facchi.

Thanks Herbert!

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