Current Exhibitions at Green-Wood Cemetery, April 20 - June 30, 2019

Past Morbid Anatomy Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
Long Term Projects
     Selected Group and Juried Exhibitions
    Exhibition Design
    • On Facing up to Death Through Art, The Wellcome Collection, 2012
    • The Secret Museum: Collections as Muse, Museum of Natural History, London, 2011
    • From Votives to Venuses: A Brief History of the Human Anatomical Model, The Science Museum, London, 2011
    • Digital Media and New Audiences for the History of Medicine, American Association of the History of Medicine Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 2011
    • Anatomical Venuses, Slashed Beauties, and Three Fetuses Dancing a Jig: An Illustrated Journey into the Curious World of Medical Museums, Dittrick Museum, Ohio, 2011; Listen here 
    • To Every Man His Cabinet, Modern/Contemporary Art and the Curiosity Cabinet, Seton Hall University, New Jersey, 2011
    • A Meditation of Morbidity, The Mütter Museum College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA 2010
    • Anatomical Venuses, The Slashed Beauty, and Fetuses Dancing a Jig, UCL, Department of History of Art, Rhizome Research Group, London, 2010 
    • The Private, Curious, and Niche Collection--What They can Teach Us About Exhibiting New Medicine, European Association of the Museums of History of Medical Sciences Conference, Copenhagen, 2010
    • Anatomical Venuses and Slashed Beauties: Inside the World of the Anatomical Museum, Coney Island Museum "Ask the Experts" Series, New York, 2010 
    • Morbid Anatomies and Anatomical Theatres: A Guided Tour through the Macabre World of Medical Museums, Adult-Ed, New York, December, 2009
    • Not Just for Doctors Anymore—On-line Exhibitions, Contexualization, and New Audiences for Old Medicine, The Medical Museums Association Annual Meeting 2009, Ohio, April 2009
    • The Anatomical Theatre: The Art, Culture and History of Medical Models and the Contemplation of the Embodied Self, “Lessons in Anatomy Made Easy" Conference, Museum Boerhaave, The Netherlands, November, 2008
    • Anatomical Theatre: The Art and History of Medical Models: Exhibitions, Contexualization, and
    • New Audiences for Old Science, European Association of the Museums of History of Medical Sciences Conference, Guthrie Lecture Series, Scotland, 2008
    • Anatomic Theater: History of Museum Artifacts, Association of Medical Illustrators Conference, Indiana, 2008
    • Memento Mori: Pathological Portraits, Anatomical Visions and Medical Museums of the Western World, Confronting Mortality with Art and Science, AEIMS/MAA Conference, Belgium, 2007
    • Anatomical Theater: The Art and Science of Medical Museums in the Western World, in conjunction with the opening of Anatomical Theater: Depictions of The Body, Disease, and Death in Medical Museums of the Western World, UAB Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences, Alabama, 2007