Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Die No More, Blind Pony Books, 2008

Another book to covet this holiday season, co-edited and illustrated by my friend Herbert Pfostl and published by Blind Pony Books. In Herbert's words:

Inspired by Guido Ceronetti's great but little known Silence of the Body, To Die No More is an artist's book about the marvelous embroideries of death taken from many sources both known and long forgotten. 170 fragments - from Aries to Wittgenstein - collected and edited by Herbert Pfostl and Kristofor Minta with splinters by Kristofor Minta, ruins, appropriated by James Walsh, and small paintings of shipwrecks, animals, robbers and ashes by Herbert Pfostl. Made with great care and sober like a good dream. Dedicated to the deeply dead and the truly living.

Note to reader: I have stood, aghast, before this man's library; if that is any hint as to what this book might contain, it is sure to be amazing.

Find out more about the book, distributed by D.A.P.,here.

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bioephemera said...

wow, that looks sumptous. What a wonderful book.