Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Plastination Photo Essay (2008)

German photographer Marc Steinmetz has done a photo essay on Gunther von Hagens' (of Body Worlds fame) plastination method of bodliy preservation; check out all the photos here.

Via Medgadget.


Kyle Neswald said...

You are compiling an amazing array of medical and illustration reference. I'm awestruck and have the heebeejeebees all at the same time! Thank you!

Mark Jordan said...

A great blog! Thank you for your work.

Mark Steinmetz is a friend of mine and a fine and well published photographer. Unfortunately, he is not Marc Steinmetz, who did this essay.


loki der quaeler said...

(nit: it's actually MedGadget, not MetaGadget)

JE said...

Thanks Loki. My mistake; I appreciate you drawing my attention to that. And thanks to Mark for pointing out my other error; am on the road, and rushed the post in my hotel room--have learned my lesson about that! All errors should now be fixed. And Kyle, glad you're enjoying the blog!