Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tod Browning's "Freaks" (1932) Downloadable at!

The 1932 Tod Browning classic film "Freaks" is now available for download on Rick Prelinger's wonderful website. Tod Browning is most famous for his direction of "Dracula" (1931) starring Bela Lugosi; the cinematic release of "Freaks" made him infamous. And it is not hard to figure out why. From the Wikipedia description:
...the film concerns a love triangle between a wealthy dwarf, a gold-digging aerialist, and a strongman; a murder plot; and the vengeance dealt out by the dwarf and his fellow circus freaks. The film was highly controversial, even after heavy editing to remove many disturbing scenes, and was a commercial failure. Browning's career was derailed.

Download the film (and see for yourself) here.

Via Hugo Strikes Back and Boing Boing.

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WOW! Thank you for linking this. (Never even heard of it!)