Sunday, December 21, 2008

"An Iconography of Contagion," An Exhibition of 20th-Century Health Posters, National Academy of Sciences through January 12, 2009

I just received by mail a really lovely catalog for an exhibition of 20th-Century Health Posters currently on view at the National Academy of Sciences. The exhibition, titled An Iconography of Contagion, is curated by Mike Sappol (of Dream Anatomy fame), and presents over 20 posters culled from a variety of countries that graphically sound the warning about a broad range of threats to public health.

There is no on-line gallery for the exhibition, but you can download a PDF of the exhibition catalog that contains all the posters and explanatory text (as I did, and from which the above images are drawn) here; You can find out more about the exhibit, which is on view until January 12th, here.

Images, from the top: "Ali si zdrav? (Are you healthy?)," Yugoslavia, 1950s; "She may be... A bag a TROUBLE. Syphillis-Gonorrhea," USA, 1940s; La course a la Mort (The race with death), France, ca. 1926

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Unknown said...

I didn't realize LOL Cats had taken its visual esthetic from a 50's Yugoslavian health poster.