Sunday, December 7, 2008

"On the Anatomy of the Breast," Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 1840

If you have not already, check out BibliOdyssey's great recent post, lavishly illustrated, on Sir Astley Paston's Cooper's On the Anatomy of the Breast, published in 1840. Above images taken from that post, and depicting, from top down, The Nipple in its Changes, Ducts and Glandules, and Arteries and Veins.

To see many more images, and learn more about the book, visit the BibliOdyssey post here. To visit a digitized copy of the book, visit the Thomas Jefferson University Digital Commons here.

P.S. If that top image gave you a sense of Morbid Anatomy déjà vu, there is good reason; click here to see why.


peacay said...

Ya know, it didn't even occur to me to do a blog search on this work until *after* I had done the hard yards of downloading the pdfs and extracting the images. I thought: "nah, noone is as stupidly keen as I am".

So I found your post (and one on Hanuman from about the same time) just before I posted my entry. By that stage of course I was fairly heavily invested in it. We will never know whether or not I would have baulked at the gate, had I known beforehand that the work had already had some exposure.
;- )

JE said...

Hey Peacay!

I did not mean my déjà vu comment in any snarky way! I merely felt somewhat remiss for having run the same image and story twice, but your reportage was so much more extensive then mine, and you collection of images interestingly different (except for that wonderful image of the comparative nipples) that I felt I must link to your story! My déjà vu comment was an apology about my own laziness. I was pleased to see the book getting the attention it deserved.


: )

peacay said...

Oh I didn't *at all* perceive snark. I was more feeling some pang of guilt (silly, I know) for having trumped you or the like. It's a case (again, silly) of not wanting to tread on toes and I also try not to cover material - sometimes / to an extent - that's already been aired.

Gawd. We'll never get jobs as assertiveness trainers. Ha!

JE said...

You're right! We're probably not cut out for the real world at all! Online polite-offs will be our be-all end-all!