Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morbid Anatomy Library Open This Saturday and Sunday From 1-6 as Part of Atlantic Art Walk

The Morbid Anatomy Library will be open from 1-6 this Saturday and Sunday, June 6th and 7th, as part of the 2009 Atlantic Avenue Artwalk. I will serving seltzer and snacks, and--who knows!--maybe some wine. So stop by! Peruse the stacks! Peek into the image archives! Handle (with care!) the taxidermied squirrels! Check out the new acquisitions. All are welcome! Hope you can make it.

Practical Information:
The Morbid Anatomy Library
543 Union Street, Buzzer 1E or enter via Proteus Gowanus Gallery.

R or M train to Union Street in Brooklyn: Walk two long blocks on Union (towards the Gowanus Canal) to Nevins Street. 543 Union Street is the large red brick building on right. Buzz 1E or follow signs to Proteus Gowanus.

F or G train to Carroll Street: Walk one block to Union. Turn right, walk two long blocks on Union towards the Gowanus Canal, cross the bridge. 543 Union will be on your left.

Buzz 1E at 543 Union Street or follow signs to Proteus Gowanus Gallery and enter through there.

More about the artwalk here. View and download map here; You can find the library on the map at number 18.


ilikedginger said...

Sweet! I have that same antique circulatory and nervous system poster in my living room.

MT said...

Hi! I wondered if you knew about these two events, one in July at the Wellcome Trust

and also Kate Street (who I found through your site) is part of an exhibition starting this week

JE said...


Yes, I did know of these things, but thanks for posting! I am, in fact, acting as consultant and exhibition graphic designer for Exquisite Bodies! I will post more in depth on this when there are more specifics to report.

MT said...

ah, so you are all over it then! I will be coming along but will read your blog for tips!

thanks JE!