Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Videos Related to the Wellcome Collection's Upcoming "Exquisite Bodies" Exhibition

I have just come across two fascinating videos related to the Wellcome Collection's upcoming exhibition "Exquisite Bodies." The first, entitled "How to Make a Wax Model," features waxwork artist Eleanor Crook who sculpts an anatomical wax on camera while discussing her process and the history of anatomical waxworks and wax-artistry. The other video follows "Exquisite Bodies" curator Kate Forde as she takes us on a walk-through of some of the fascinating objects that will be included in the "Exquisite Bodies" exhibition, including the truly spectacular 18th Century anatomical Venus from the famed La Specola workshop in Florence (see above). She discusses the history of these artifacts in the context of the wider history of anatomical artworks and, when applicable, does what is sadly impossible in an exhibition-- demonstrates their ingenious movable parts.

To watch "How to Make a Wax Model" with Eleanor Crook, click here. To watch "Exquisite Bodies: Curator's Perspective," click here. For more on the exhibition itself (which I predict will be seriously amazing) click here.

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