Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Trope of the Mysterious Floating Hands

The Trope of the Mysterious Floating Hands, as seen in a life-sized wax model of a cesarean section from the Musee Spitzner (top) and an early 20th Century Polish poster (bottom).

Image of Spitzner wax model from the book Voir-La Collection Spitzner, eds. Phillipe Blon and Stephen Bann [1998]; more images can be found here. This book and others of its ilk can be visited at The Morbid Anatomy Library, about which more can be found by clicking here. The poster, with text reading "Zabawka" or "Toy," is by Stefan Norblin from 1933. It was found on Smashing Magazine's excellent feature "The Legacy Of Polish Poster Design;" full post (with many, many more excellent images) here.

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