Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morgue Slabs, East End of London, Free to a Good Home

This just in from Morbid Anatomy reader Eoin:
I work at an artists studio and we are currently having a clear out. We have four old morgue slabs and their bases that we are trying to dispose of. They are free to a good home but the new owner must take them all and arrange their own pick-up and delivery, they weigh well over a ton! Each slab is a four person lift. They are currently in the East End of London. I hope that we can find a new home as soon as possible (within a week to ten days) or we will have to unfortunately dump them.
Interested parties can email Eoin at


Kim said...

Argh, wrong country! :( What a generous offer - hope Eoin & company can find them a good home!

Eoin said...

I'm pleased to tell you that the morgue slabs have gone on to a better place!

Thanks to everyone involved.