Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Excellent Old-School Science Models," Life Magazine Photo Gallery

The images you see above--and the captions below--are drawn from a really fantastic Life Magazine online photo gallery entitled "Excellent Old-School Science Models." You can see the entire gallery of 29 images--well worth your perusal!--by clicking here.

Captions top to bottom, as supplied by the gallery:
  1. Isn't She Lovely: Trainee nurses examine a model of a human body to learn anatomy, Gerry Cranham, Oct. 7, 1938
  2. Behind It All: A technician works on life-like models for use in science and health lectures at the Cologne Health Museum in Germany, Ralph Crane, Feb 01, 1955
  3. Going Deep: A technician at the Cologne Health Museum gets into his work, Ralph Crane, Feb 01, 1955
  4. The Egg Factory: An exhibit illustrates the biology of the chicken at the World Poultry Exhibition at the Crystal Palace exhibition hall in London, Fox Photos, Jul 28, 1930
  5. Universal: A girl scout leans in to take a closer look at an enclosed model of the solar system, circa 1920s, George Eastman House, Jan 01, 1920
Found via Morbid Anatomy Library intern Amber Duntley's Facebook feed. Thanks, Amber!

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