Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrate the Centenary of The Great Dreamland Fire of 1911 with A Brand-New Disaster Spectacle, Period Amusements, Free Hendrick's Gin, and More!

Unveiling of a brand new 19th Century style disaster amusement! Free Hendrick's Gin! Disaster tunes of yester-year! Lord Whimsy! Stars of TV's Oddities! Vintage Coney Island films curated by Zoe Beloff! Rare appearance of the old Dreamland Bell!

All this and more await you next Friday at our Centennial Celebration of the Great Dreamland Fire. Please, come celebrate the end of an era with us!

Full invite below. Hope very much to see you there!!!
Centennial Celebration of the Great Dreamland Fire Featuring the Opening of Coney Island’s Newest Cosmorama
Presented by The Coney Island Museum, The Morbid Anatomy Library, and Atlas Obscura
Date: Friday May 27, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Admission: $25 (Tickets at the door, or purchase here)
Location: The Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn (map here)

Next Friday, May 27th, you are cordially invited to a party commemorating the "awful splendor" of The great Dreamland fire of May 27, 1911, the most devastating disaster to hit New York City in the pre-9-11 era, a fire which devastated a never-to-be-rebuilt-Dreamland 100 years ago on this day.

This event will mark the premiere of the Cosmorama of the Great Dreamland Fire, a 360 degree immersive cosmorama telling the story of the great fire in pictures, sound, and light. Based on Coney Island’s great immersive disaster spectacles, the cosmorama is the product of months of labor, thousands of dollars, and the expertise of artists and artisans from the Metropolitan Opera, and uses real boards from the original Coney Island boardwalk in its construction.

The party will also feature a complementary gin bar with custom cocktails, disaster tunes of yester-year curated by The Foppinton Brothers, vintage Coney Island films, a rare appearance of the old Dreamland Bell, celebrity appearances, anatomical give-aways, myriad performances, and much more!

Full line-up:
Tickets are available by clicking here or purchasing at the door. See you there!


Unknown said...

What happened to Triangle Shirt Waist Factory? I thought that was the worst disaster/fire in nyc?

JE said...

Triangle Shirt Waist had much greater loss of life, but as for devastating physical destruction, the fire takes the prize!

JE said...

I mean, the Dreamland Fire takes the prize : )

Unknown said...

Gin?! Coney Island?! Sword swallowing? And the poster even has my last name in it (Beebe) holy smokes I wish I could go.