Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Paradise Bizarre: Benefit Party for the Fabulous, Incomparable Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room

Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room--my hands down favorite gallery in New York!--is having an excellent sounding benefit party this Saturday evening, and you are invited. Free food and wine and a variety of paradisical and profane amusements await! Oh, and its a good cause, too; Support Proteus Gowanus and you also support Observatory and the Morbid Anatomy Library, who number among its projects in residence!

Very much hope to see you there.

A Paradise Bizarre
A Fairground of Acts, Exhortations and Seductions
and our 2011 Benefit Celebration
Saturday, June 11, 7-10 pm

A carnival-bazaar of music, dancers, writhers, preachers,
fixers, puppets, therapists - in intimate interactions -
designed to save your soul or make you forget you ever wanted to.

Paradise Bizarre is the culmination of our
yearlong exploration of Paradise
through art, artifacts, books, performances and events,
bringing together old and new Protean collaborators

True believers, heathens, skeptics, pagans, atheists and heretics all welcome!

Music by
Harpist Crista Patton

Special Guests:
Nina Katchadourian, artist
Dickson Despommier, Vertical Farming visionary
Saint Peter, at our gate

Food and wine donated by Marquet Patisserie, Stinky Brooklyn, Brooklyn Fare
and others to be announced

Buy your $60 tickets now (less for groups)

Paul Benney, Dark Forest: A Tour of the Underworld
Burlesque Dancers
Dickson Despommier, a sermon
Goddess! the band
Ethan Jacob Gould, The Dybbuk and the Daughter: A Puppet Show
Nina Katchadourian, a song
Madhu Kaza, This Is Where We Meet: a bedtime story
Rosamond King, Poetry Doctor
Clarinda MacLow and Onome Ekeh, Cyborg Teknotherapists
Tessa Murphy, Angel
Crista Patton, Harpist
The Poetry Brothel
Peter Simon, St Peter

Plus assorted Ranters and Sermonizers at the open pulpit,
including you if the spirit moves you!

To find out more about Proteus Gowanus, click here; to find out more about the benefit party, and to purchase tickets, click here.

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It looks delicious but, goddamn, I live in Spain. By the way, great blog