Saturday, September 3, 2011

X-Rays and Lingerie, Vintage Commercial

WOW. Just stumbled upon this amazing German commercial on the Art of Bleeding blog. I could not find much information about it, and what I have found is contradictory--1930s or 1950s? Television or film?--but either way. Simply amazing.

This one goes out to Mark Dery, who's Observatory lecture "The Anatomical Unconscious: X-Ray Specs, Visible Women, and the Eros of the Unseen" brought down the house last June. Maybe he showed this clip? I will never know, as it was far too crowded for me to see the lecture myself!

You can read the entire post from which this was drawn by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

To me, it strongly looks like filming from the 1950's, including the cars. The first part looks back to "old times" when ladies were supposedly worried about x-ray glasses.

The german Felina home page has a history section with a very similar poster image, which indeed is dated to the 50s.
> Damenwäsche und Miederwaren auf
ihrem Weg durch zwei Jahrhunderte

Al Ridenour said...

Thanks for posting the link to The Art of Bleeding's blog. The narration specifies the first part as set at the time of Roentgen’s invention, 1896. 1930s is just a stab at the production date based on the cars, fashions, music, and buildings, but it could be a tad later. Mark Dery is great. Yet another Observatory event we West Coasters have been condemned to miss.

s.nafu23.5 said...

Hmm I could be wrong, but judging by the silhoutte of that car at 0:56 min, which IMHO is a Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton Cabrio or similar (, it's in the late 50s ('56 - '58?)

Anonymous said...

This video has been removed because the user has closed the account. Can you find another copy of it to post?

JE said...

Hi Anonymous; just found and linked to a new version. Thanks for the heads up, and enjoy!