Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dream Anatomy Video

The interior of our bodies is hidden to us. What happens beneath the skin is mysterious, fearful, amazing. In antiquity, the body's internal structure was the subject of speculation, fantasy, and some study, but there were few efforts to represent it in pictures. The invention of the printing press in the 15th century-and the cascade of print technologies that followed-helped to inspire a new spectacular science of anatomy, and new spectacular visions of the body. Anatomical imagery proliferated, detailed and informative but also whimsical, surreal, beautiful, and grotesque — a dream anatomy that reveals as much about the outer world as it does the inner self. --Introduction to Michael Sappol's Dream Anatomy exhibition
I have just stumbled upon a really nice video based on the now-legendary Dream Anatomy exhibition at the National Library of Medicine, curated by friend and friend-of-the-blog Michael Sappol. To check out--and purchase a copy of!--the beautifully illustrated and provocatively insightful catalog for the exhibition, click here.

Found on Street Anatomy.

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