Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seeking Volunteers for Grand Guignol Spectacular Next Saturday, December 10

Hi all! We are currently seeking a few volunteers to help with next Saturday's Grand Guignol Spectacular at The Coney Island Museum. We need a couple of folks to help with scene transitions during the show, and an experienced stage manager to help for the day of the show. All volunteers, of course, will be rewardd with free admission to the event!

Interested parties can email me here: morbidanatomy [at] More on the event can be found here.

Thanks so much and, either way, hope to see you there!

Image: From a Life Magazine story circa 1947 about the Grand Guignol entitled "Sick! A House of Horrors." More on that here. Caption reads: "Realistic throat-cutting, performed in The Hussy by honest farm lad on his depraved, scheming wife, is achieved by a trick dagger which contains 'blood' in the handle."

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