Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apologies for Scant Blogging AND Seville, Spain: Packed with Tormented Souls in Purgatory, Mortally Wounded-Christs, Holy Week Processions and Madonna Dolorosas

Greetings, all. My apologies for being such a abysmal blogger this month. As many of you already know, I spent the entirety of last month in London, completing a residency at the fantastic Last Tuesday Society; I also took advantage of my geographical location to take a few mini trips to places like Berlin, Budapest, and Seville. Above are a few of my photos from wonderful souls in purgatory, wounded-Christ, holy week procession and Madonna Dolorosa-packed Seville. You can see the complete set by clicking here.

More to come soon, I promise!


Mya.L said...

What? I missed you in London? And I don't even live that far from The Last Tuesday Society... oh no, what a disappointment!

Kim Lewis said...

Your photos are amazing - remind me of a fab exhibition I saw in London called "The Sacred Made Real" - just can't get enough Roman Catholic kitsch, me! Hope you fulfill your promise to post more. And may I say I utterly adore your blog - long may you continue :)