Friday, November 16, 2012

"Diableries” (or “Devilment”) Stereo Views, 19th Century

Some of you might recall my recent desperate search for hi-resolution images of “Diableries” (or “Devilment”) 19th century 3D stereo views. Morbid Anatomy reader Corey Schjoth kindly obliged, sending me the photographs you see above, demonstrating both front- and back-lit views of a particularly wonderful card.

Corey is also a photographer of haunted places; you can find out more about he and his work by clicking here, and check out his Etsy shop by clicking here.

I highly recommend clicking on the image to see larger, finer versions. And if you want to know more about these enigmatic and fantastic Diableries, you could do worse than to watch the Midnight Archive featurette on the topic by clicking here. Also, stay tuned for a heavily-illustrated article about "Diableries” in the upcoming Morbid Anatomy Anthology! More on that here.

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