Friday, November 9, 2012

Morbid Anatomy Tote Bag and Anthology

The Morbid Anatomy Anthology --a new lavish book immortalizing in words and images the best of the Morbid Anatomy Presents event series--just got honorable mention in the Kickstarter "Projects We Love Newsletter." Since this happened, many potential funders have been asking to see a photo of the Morbid Anatomy tote bag, which is one of the bonus awards received for a pledge of $50.

Above please find said bag, in all its glory. I can personally attest to the sturdiness of this lovely creature (I use mine every day!). Specs wise, it is 15 1/2" tall by 15" wide, and has 22" shoulder straps. The image is drawn from a circa 17th century guide to the private museum of "Artist of Death" Frederik Ruysch, one of the topics covered in the book; Click on image to see larger version.

And for the curious, here is what Kickstarter had to say about our project:
Marvelously macabre
The rogue scholars behind Morbid Anatomy Presents specialize in the creepier nooks of knowledge — extreme taxidermy and human tattoo collection, to name a few — but their work is all the more fascinating for its macabre sensibility. This lavishly illustrated anthology will immortalize a year's worth of their most engrossing presentations, like a recent lecture on bookbinding with human skin. (We just hope their tome comes clad in old-fashioned leather.)
To see more about the project--and to secure a copy of the book for yourself for a mere $25 pledge!--click here.

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