Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Resurrection Again: The Morbid Anatomy Library Post-Hurricane Sandy

Yesterday, we at The Morbid Anatomy Library spent a long, long day putting the library back together after our very zealous pre-Hurricane Sandy preparations. Above are some images showing the progression of the library from TOTAL CHAOS to some element of order; there is still a bit of fine-tuning left to do, but the bulk of the clean up is now completed, books are sorted into their respective categories, and artifacts are back in their general designated area. The library should be completely back up and running sometime in the next few days.

Thanks SO very much to friends and fellow Observatorians Shannon Taggart and Ethan Gould (15th down), and my wonderful former intern Laetitia Barbier (10th down) for all of their support, moral and physical. And that shrine to Saint Florian will be built in short order, and that is a promise!

You can find out more about The Morbid Anatomy Library by clicking here.

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