Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Interesting Reference to The Eye and Ophthalmology in Secret Societies

I just came upon this fascinating reference to the significance of the eye and ophthalmology and in Secret Societies; who knew?
The Copiale Cipher is a newly discovered and deciphered code that allows us to look into the customs of a German secret society. From the brief description of the ritual, it appears that the Oculist Order was obsessed with ophthalmology, the study and treatment of the eye. Interestingly enough, Knight claims that the symbol of many secret societies is the eye, which helps to explain the society’s fixation...
You can read the whole article, "Mysterious Cipher Cracked 300 Years Later" by Annie Vreeland (Vanderbilt University) on the Wonders and Marvels website by clicking here.

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