Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seeking Pieces from Victorian Anthropomorphic Taxidermist Walter Potter's Now Divided "Museum of Curiosities"

We here at Morbid Anatomy have been hard at work of late in our attempts to track down as many pieces as possible from Victorian anthropomorphic taxidermist Walter Potter's now sadly divided up Museum of Curiosities. Many of these pieces were brought back together for the wonderful 2012 Museum of Everything exhibition, but a great deal more have never been seen since the Bonhams auction which dispersed them in 2003.

Which brings me to my plea: If any of you lovely Morbid Anatomy readers out there happen to own any of pieces from this collection, or have any ideas as to where others might reside, we would be so very grateful if you would drop us a line at morbidanatomy [at] and let us know.

All images above, of tableaux by Walter Potter, are drawn from the Bohnams auction site; you can view more images, and the entire auction catalog, by clicking here.

Walter Potter Tableaux, top to bottom:
  1. Lot 293, The Walter Potter Tableau, "The Kittens' Wedding", English, 1890
  2. Lot 498, The Walter Potter Tableau, "The Kittens Tea and Croquet Party", English, late 19th century
  3. Lot 445, The Walter Potter Tableau "Rabbits' Village School", English, late 19th century
  4. Lot 13, Walter Potter's First Tableau ' The Death and Burial of Cock Robin' English, circa 1861
  5. Lot 55, A Walter Potter Tableaux 'The Happy Family' English, circa 1870 

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am a HUGE fan, by the way.
Long time lurker and all that.
I THINK----not sure, but THINK---
I saw a Potter piece at the Sulphur Springs Library in Sulphur Springs, Texas a few years ago. There was an exhibit of antique music boxes, and there was a display of animated, slightly moth-eaten taxidermied kittens doing....something.
Good luck!