Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Case Studies of Medical Portraiture Concluding Workshop," King's College, London, July 12

Thanks so much to Anna Maerker for drawing my attention to the wonderful sounding "Case Studies of Medical Portraiture" workshop taking place at King's College on Friday, July 12. It features a  number of my scholars and is also, delightfully, free and open to the public; email douglas.james [at] to register.

 Hope to see you there!And I highly recommend clicking on the above image; it gets a lot more interesting at a larger size!
Case Studies of Medical Portraiture concluding workshop
July 12th 2013
King’s College London
Strand Building, room S8.08


9:00 – Registration

9:30 – Panel 1
  • Keynote Address: Lucia Dacome (University of Toronto) – ‘The anatomy of the embroiderer: celebrity, domesticity and self-portraiture in eighteenth-century Italy’
  • Julia Rüdiger (University of Vienna) – ‘Surgeons’ Portraiture in historical context: monuments to Theodor Billroth
11:00 – Coffee

11:30 – Panel 2
  • John Harley Warner (Yale University) – ‘Posing with the Cadaver: Violence, Identity and Photographic Group Portraiture in American Medicine, 1880-1930’
  • Mary Hunter (McGill University) – ‘Hysterical Reality: Portraits, Performance and Procedures at the Salpêtrière Hospital’
13:00 – Lunch

13:45 – Panel 3
  • Michael Flexer (University of Leeds) – ‘Portraiture, Paralysis and Parallaxes in Charcot's nosological mission’
  • Harriet Palfreyman (University of Warwick) – ‘Patient Portraits at the London Lock Hospital, 1849-1851’
  • Mienke te Hennepe (Boerhaave Museum) – ‘Medical Photography on Display: Patients, portraits and the dilemma of privacy - a curator's perspective’
15:45 – Tea

16:15 – Round Table, Summing Up and Discussion
  • Keren Hammerschlag (KCL), Ludmilla Jordanova (KCL), Douglas James (KCL) and Anna Maerker (KCL)
To be followed by a drinks reception. Since places are limited, please contact douglas.james [at] to register.  We are grateful to the Wellcome Trust for its generous support. Organisers: Keren Hammerschlag, Ludmilla Jordanova, Douglas James and Anna Maerker.
Image: Barclay Bros., A composite group portrait of the Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 1902, photogravure, 55.5 x 80.9cm (Wellcome Images).


the hair nerd said...

hm...for me the picture stays tiny, little bigger than before clicking, but still can't recognize people, just shapes.

Ethan Marcotte said...

Is that a painting or a photograph? But looks like a painting. What is medical portraiture.