Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seeking Walter Potter Artifacts and Ephemera!!!

We here at Morbid Anatomy are redoubling our efforts to locate as many artifacts as we can from eccentric Victorian anthropomorphic taxidermist Walter Potter's now sadly divided up Museum of Curiosities (top image). The reason? The Morbid Anatomy Museum's inaugural exhibition--to open on April 26th of this year--will be dedicated to the work of Walter Potter, and will showcase a number of his astounding pieces, many of which have never before shown in the United States.

So, if any Morbid Anatomy readers out there happen to own any of pieces from this collection, or have any ideas as to where others might reside, we would be so very grateful if you would drop us a line at morbidanatomy [at] gmail.com and let us know.

All images above, of tableaux by Walter Potter; credits, top to bottom:
  1. Vintage photo of Potters's Museum at Bramber.
  2. Detail of The Death and Burial of Cock Robin, 1861; Photo by Joanna Ebenstein
  3. The Kittens’ Wedding; Circa 1890; Photo by Joanna Ebenstein
  4. The Lower Five; Late Nineteenth Century; Photograph by Joanna Ebenstein
  5.  A two headed kitten with four eyes under a bell jar. Photo by Chris Bradley

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