Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Syphilitic Moulages, White Chocolate Carrion Crow Skulls, and Hand Printed Anatomical Postcards : Valentine's Day Gifts at the Morbid Anatomy Museum Giftshop!

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for that special--and perhaps slightly eccentric and hard to shop for--someone? The Morbid Anatomy Museum Gift Shop might have just the thing.

Perhaps your beloved might appreciate a unique, ready to hang wax moulage depicting secondary syphilis of the face, handcrafted by our "Moulagist in Residence" Nicole Antebi (top image/$100; more here)? 

If that's not quite right, then perhaps one of our exclusive limited edition hand-printed anatomical postcards by Brooklyn artist Mark Splatter (second image down/$2; more here) would fit the bill? 

Or maybe a better fit would be one of our Morbid Anatomy Calendars (now on sale for only $12; regularly $20!) filled with photographs of uncanny objects found in obscure collections, and noting such dates such as the birthday of Edward Gorey, the first performance at Paris' Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, Dia de los Muertos and Santa Muerte's Feast Day (third image down/$12; more here)? 

If your sweetie prefers sweets, then perhaps our white Belgian chocolate carrion crow skull (now on sale for only $16; regularly $20!) by UK based Conjurers Kitchen might be of interest (fourth image down/On sale for $16; more here)? 

If not, then perhaps they might fancy a set of four Morbid Anatomy Museum coasters with our logo--a fetal skeleton from Frederik Ruysch's early 18th century book "Thesaurus Anatomicus," illustration by Cornelius Huyberts--might be just the thing (fifth image down/4 for $5; more here)?

You can find out more about all of these objects by clicking here. You can see all the Morbid Anatomy Museum offerings by clicking here.

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