Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fragments of Faith: Victorian Hairwork: A New Film by Ronni Thomas for Morbid Anatomy Museum Presents!

Below, film maker in residence Ronni Thomas--director of The Midnight Archive--introduces his newest film for our new Morbid Anatomy Museum Presents series, on Victorian hair art jewelry, with Karen Bachmann, teacher of our popular class on the same topic.

You can view the film above or by clicking here; Stay tuned for more episodes which will premiere monthly on our new You Tube channel, which can be found here!
Victorian Hair work was one of those things I just didn't 'get' at first... But I looked into it anyway. Karen Bachmann is a friend, colleague and fellow NYC born reformed (to some degree) street punk, and happens to be the authority on the subject, combining academic knowledge with charm and flair... It wasn't until I screened the film for my sister in law that I finally 'got it'. She has no specific interest in the morbid or the tragically designed, but she reacted pretty impressively to this film... Forgive me for this but: it's hair, AND jewelry combined... It's for women... (With impeccable taste). Once I shifted my perspective from subjective to objective, it all made sense and flowed editorially. These are amazingly designed works of elaborate art incorporating skill and sentiment in pitch perfect harmony.  

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Selling Hand Carved Skulls said...

That's just art, you really won't understand it at first. Just like carving. It's an art form only the ones who genuinely takes time to explore it will know.