Saturday, August 8, 2015

Guest Book Review of Alan Finn's "Things Half in Shadow" by Jennifer Berman

Following is book review of Alan Finn's Things Half in Shadow by Jennifer Berman, one of the contributors to our first exhibition, The Art of Mourning. The book was donated to the library by writer Todd Ritter.
In his new novel, Things Half in Shadow, Alan Finn, showing a great command of history, has created a wonderful world full of interesting people living, dead and otherwise. He weaves a delightful yarn recreating post-Civil War Philadelphia in all its multi-layered, multi-tiered glory. A world filled with appealing characters and a ghost story/mystery that keeps twisting till the very end.

The most appealing character among them is Edward Clark a young crime reporter and spiritualist scoffer, who reluctantly takes on an assignment to uncover phony spiritualists and unwittingly winds up involved in the mysterious murder of Philadelphia’s most famous medium.

He sets out at once to clear his name and we follow right along with him. Anyone who enjoys ghosts, ghouls, shadowy societies, dark secrets, misalliance, deception, romance, murder and mystery, and who doesn’t, will have a lot of fun reading this.

Let’s hope, like the spirits, Mr Clark and Company will return for another visit soon.

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