Thursday, April 21, 2016

Anatomical Venuses and Pathological Moulages at This Weekend's Vienna Anatomy Weekend!

This weekend in Vienna, Morbid Anatomy is joining forces with two astounding Viennese medical museums--The Josephinum and The Narrenturm--for our first ever Vienna Anatomy Weekend!

The Josephinum--founded in 1785--houses an incredible collection of 18th century anatomical waxes crafted by the famed la Specola workshop in Florence, including its own dissectable Anatomical Venus, seen above with one of our lecturers, sculptor and ceroplast Eleanor Crook. The Narrenturm (bottom image) houses one of the largest and most stunning collections of pathological waxes and wet specimens I have ever personally seen in an atmospheric 18th century madhouse.

I suggest spending Saturday at the Narrenturm and Sunday at the Josephinum to be sure to see all. Below is my suggested full schedule; you can email to register for all Narrenturm events and for all Josephinum events. Fee can be paid at the Museums on the day of; please bring cash. Also, the museums are literally a 5 minute walk from one another, which is not clear from the addresses.

Also, we are so excited that our opening party will now take place at The Narrenturm on Friday at 5pm!

Very much looking forward to seeing you there!


5pm-Opening party at The Narrenturm (Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna). Registration via Email:

The Narrenturm (Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Vienna)
Registration via Email:

10 - 11:30 : Lectures (8€)
• Introductory remarks by Morbid Anatomy Museum co-founders Joanna Ebenstein and Tracy Hurley Martin
• Eduard Winter on Occult Narrenturm
• Laurens de Rooy on Amsterdam’s Vrolik Museum
• Eleanor Cook: Anatomy and Expressionism

Tours (10€ each tour; please specify which you you would like to do)
Times: 1, 3 and 5
• Tour 1: Architectural tour with veterinary, electro-pathology and gynecology focus
• Tour 2: copious overview of the collection with emphasis on moulages (painted wax casts)
• Tour 3: backstage tour in areas not open to general public, such as the administrative floor, the attic, the depot and the preparation

The Josephinum (Währinger Straße 25, 1090 Vienna)
10:30 AM: Lectures in guided tours (30€ for all tours and lectures)
Registration via Email:

Lectures by Christiane Druml, Director of the Josephinum
• History of the Josephinum
• Anatomic wax models and conservation

12:00: Guided Tours
Includes all three tours:
• 18th Century Anatomical wax models (30 minutes)
• Temporary exhibition „de oculis“ (30 minutes)
• Walking tour “Old general hospital Vienna” (45 minutes)

See full schedule of events here.

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