Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enigmatic Postcard, "Eene Aangezigtspyn-Phantasie van Alexander V.H.," 19th Century

Postcard purchased from the Museum Dr. Guislain giftshop, caption reads "C.C.A. Last - Eene Aangezigtspyn-Phantasie van Alexander V.H., Lithogravure, 19de eeuw." Was unable to find out any additional information; if anyone knows anything about this image or its maker, please let Morbid Anatomy know.


valter said...

A translation of the Dutch-language title would be; "A neuralgia phantasy of Alexander V.H."

Ampersand Duck said...

BibliOdyssey might know. If you've never been there, have a squizz around; he showcases the most amazing stuff.

BTW I'm really enjoying this blog.

Ampersand Duck said...

And I notice his second-last post is about surgical instruments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna, -Lithographer, Carel Christiaan Antony Last, 1808 -1876.
Author, Alexander Ver Huell, 1822 - 1897.
More at...
I like these sickness fantasies, there is one by Cruikshank called "The Cholic" (1819) of a woman squeezed by little demons.
There are four by Daumier, "Cramps", "The Headache", "The Hypochondriac" and "The Doctor" (1833). Each has a large figure suffering and little demon figures.
"The Doctor" has the caption "How is it that all my patients die?.... I bleed them, I physic them, I drug them.....I just don't understand!" I think this one was an influence on the C.C.A. Last picture because the little figures with coffins fly in a semi-circle around the central figure.
Paul Rumsey.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Alexander Ver Huell, a Dutch illustrador (1822-1897). Search for his name here ( to find other images. Regarding this illustration, I would say it's a really nice representation of (trigeminal)neuralgia, probably the worst pain one can feel ever.
I'm really enjoying this blog too!

JE said...

Thanks, everyone, for all of this information!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna, check out -
"Collectie Ver Huell". BibliOdyssey, July 28th, 2008.
Paul Rumsey.

peacay said...

...which is now linked here for your shopping convenience ;- ) (it's a selection from the site Paul Rumsey linked above; speaking of which, just by the by, the Daumier/Cruickshank medical caricatures are collected together in an exhibition site at Harvard called, from memory, Medical Caricatures, funnily enough)

Great stuff! (And Hi Joanne)