Thursday, July 24, 2008

"To Die No More," Blind Pony Books, 2008

My friend Herbert Pfostl of Blind Pony Books has published a beautiful little book called To Die No More. It is a lovely, quiet little book, meant, in Herbert's words, to be "read slowly but in one sitting from cover to cover for it is 'composed' like a piece of music (melodies overheard) -- but as if one voice was speaking --- although so many different voices, thoughts, prayers, sighs, miscalculations and curses etc etc are brought together in it." It is, he continues, "...a little book on the marvelous embroideries of death told in fragment from many sources both known and long forgotten illustrated with small paintings of shipwrecks, animals and ashes. Made with great care and sober like a good dream." The book runs 200 pages text and features 25 color images, many of them reproductions of Herbert's paintings, one of which featured above.

To get a taste of Herbert's work, check out his wonderful Blind Pony website. To Die No More is available at this website; you can also get the book at St. Mark's Books and Spoonbill and Sugartown Booksellers if you happen to reside in the NYC area.

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