Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"The Undead," Guest Blog Post, Saul Chernick

Artist Saul Chernick, who I reported on in a previous post, has done a nice "guest posting" called "The Undead" for a blog called Art Fag City. In the post, he discusses the history of death in the arts up to the present, including the anatomical arts and illustrates his essay with a nice collection of images (such as, above, Hans Baldung Grien's Death and the Maiden, 1518-20).

Check out Chernick's post here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna, I love the work of Baldung Grien, but it has always been VERY difficult to find books on him, so I was delighted when last year a book was published - "Witches' Lust and the Fall of Man, The Strange Phantasies of Hans Baldung Grien", I bought a copy, beautiful reproductions, and in english, so if anyone likes H.B.G., get a copy while you can.
Paul Rumsey.