Friday, November 2, 2012

"Death and What it Can Teach us About Improving Life," BBC Radio "Today," November 2

I just got back from the BBC studios, where I engaged in a (very brief) live discussion about death and "what it can teach us about improving life" with Ben Haggarty of the Crick Crack Club as part of the promotion for tonight's "Seize the Day" event at The Wellcome Collection. If you are interested in giving it a listen, click here; the piece begins at about two Hours and fifty five minutes in.

Segment description, from the BBC website:
The Wellcome Trust in London is going to hold an evening of talks about death and what it can teach us about improving life. Joanna Ebenstein, who runs a blog called Morbid Anatomy, and Ben Haggarty, who runs the Crick Crack Club which is a story telling workshop, ask why we find it hard in modern western society to talk about death.
Hope to see you at the event tonight!

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