Sunday, November 4, 2012

The "Scare Houses" of Lisa Kereszi, Time Magazine "Light Box"

Why do we like haunted houses?... On one level, this is easy to understand. It’s all about death—that undiscovered country our culture keeps off the thought-map. Death, death, death, coming at us in the form of ghosts, monsters, maggots, snakes, killer clowns, necromancers, headless horsemen, slime crawlers, banshees, and all manner of rotting flesh and decay, aiming to infect us with its fate. The haunted house takes us to death’s door: sewers, graveyards, mortuaries, abattoirs, bottomless pits and of course, hell itself, yawning wide to receive us. Abandon all hope and enter at your own risk!
--"Haunt Me: The Scare Houses of Lisa Kereszi," by Ginger Strand, Time Magazine's "Lightbox"
You can read the entire article--and view the entire collection of strangely sad photographs of Halloween "Scare Houses"by friend of Morbid Anatomy Lisa Kereszi, s sample of which you see above--by clicking here.

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