Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Recorded Lectures, New Articles and More on our New Patreon!

We at Morbid Anatomy are beyond excited to announce the launch of our Patreon Page, where we are now publishing new, exclusive Morbid Anatomy content available nowhere else!

Offerings will include--by popular demand!--video (thanks, Kellfire Bray) and audio recordings of our often sold out lectures, so that those not in New York City can enjoy them as well! First up is a video recording of Dr James Kennaway's recent talk on medical arguments against the imagination and a sound recording of Italian sociologist Massimo Introvigne's brief history of sex magic. Both are online now; and stay tuned, as we'll be adding many more in the weeks and months to come!

Other things you'll find will be illustrated articles by Morbid Anatomy's Joanna Ebenstein and Laetitia Barbier along with others in the greater Morbid Anatomy Community including Marc Hartzman, Jane Rose, Harold Schechter, Evan Michelson, Karen Bachmann, Jo Weldon, Amy Cunningham; recorded interviews with fascinating makers, rogue scholars and collectors in our community; and virtual tours of our own exhibitions as well as museums and collections around the world.

All of this content is available as part of our basic Morbid Anatomy Community Tier for only $5 a month. Supporters at higher levels will also have access to exclusive swag of various sorts (both domestic and international audiences), producer credits on our videos, invitations to exclusive parties, free and discounted events, private tours, and even all expense paid trips to foreign locales, among many other benefits. You can find out more here.

Your contribution will not only get you cool stuff; it will also allow us to continue our work excavating the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture, and support us in our cultivation and celebration of arcane knowledge and rogue scholarship. It will also go a long way towards fostering the unique community that Morbid Anatomy has cultivated since our launch in 2007.

We hope you enjoy! And thanks so very much for your support!