Monday, August 5, 2019

Walter Potter Taxidermy Weekend October 5 and 6: Symposium, Classes, Special Tours, Screenings, Show and Tells, and Costume Party!

October 5th, 10am - 5pm; and October 6th, 10am - 2pm
The Adirondacks Experience Museum, Blue Mountain Lake, New York

This October, we hope you can join us for a special taxidermy weekend featuring a two-day extravaganza of tours, screenings, classes, and show and tells celebrating The Adirondacks Experience Museum's current exhibition which features two of the most iconic creations of the famed Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter: The Rabbit Schoolhouse, (top 2 images), and the Monkey Riding A Goat, neither of which have been previously shown in the US.

Presenters will include British taxidermy historian Dr. Pat Morris, (author of Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy); taxidermist George Dante (Wildlife Preservations); Robert Marbury (founder of Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists and author of Taxidermy Art); Ronni Thomas (director of “The Man Who Married Kittens”); Divya Anantharaman (Gotham Taxidermy), taxidermy collector J. D. Powe and Adirondack artist Barney Bellinger.

Ticket price also includes museum admission, and an animal themed masquerade at an atmospheric, taxidermy-stuffed circa 1850 hotel, with complementary buffet dinner featuring regional game (!), vegetarian and vegan options. 

You can find out more here.

Hope very much to see you there!