Since 2007, Morbid Anatomy has been excavating and celebrating the obscure, the forgotten and the macabre via our blog, lecture series, workshops, parties, and open to the public research library. We are now taking Morbid Anatomy to the next level with the creation of The Morbid Anatomy Museum: a new 4,200 square foot non-profit institution to open April 2014.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum will feature a much expanded lecture/workshop space, a bar/cafe, a gift shop, an expanded library and permanent collection and temporary exhibition space where we will showcase, among other things, the eccentric taxidermy of Walter Potter, the art of death and 17th Century Dutch "artist of death" Frederik Ruysch among others.

Morbid Anatomy will never appeal to a mass market; this, we believe, is part of its charm. But that means that funding such an enterprise is a real challenge. In order to expand our space and develop more ambitious exhibitions and programming, we need the help of like-minded people who want to see an institution like this. Please consider a donation to the cause by clicking here.

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