Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christie's "Anatomy as Art" Auction, Part IV

I attended (and photographed, until reprimanded) the Christie's "Anatomy as Art" auction last week. By the time I arrived, rather late in the auction, only 25-30 bidders were in attendance, though there was a full and very active phone bank in effect. When the beautiful Fritz Kahn poster sold ($3,750), the auctioneer adlibbed to the buyer, "you won't regret it." The coveted Ruysch book went for $6,250, the D'Agoty's for $39,400 and $67,000, and the Durer went for a whopping $73,000. The anatomical waxes, alas, did not sell at all. You can find out more details about the auction sales here.

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