Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Confronting Mortality with Art and Science Conference, 2007

Just back from the Confronting Mortality with Art and Science Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, where I presented a lecture and photographs relating to my recent project Anatomical Theatre.

I had a wonderful time; the presentations and artworks were amazing, the conference was held in a zoo from the 1840s with all the appropriate grand marble architecture, collections of curiosity, and dramatic natural-history themed oil paintings (click here to see a complete collection of photos.) We even got to lecture beneath a giant whale skeleton. I met a score of fascinating people (attendees included contemporary anatomical wax workers Pascale Pollier and Eleanor Crook, and visual artists Jo Ann Kaplan, Chantal Pollier, Beverly Ress, Bryan Green, Jeff Wycoff, and Laurie Hassold ) working at the interstices of science, art, and mortality; their work will be featured in future posts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this glimpse into such an incredible conference. A whale skeleton overhead! How apt. Wish I could have been among the attendees, but your pictures are the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks amazing! Looking forward to more.