Friday, January 18, 2008

The Future of Science is...Art?

Science needs the arts. We need to find a place for the artist within the experimental process, to rediscover what Bohr observed when he looked at those cubist paintings. The current constraints of science make it clear that the breach between our two cultures is not merely an academic problem that stifles conversation at cocktail parties. Rather, it is a practical problem, and it holds back science's theories. If we want answers to our most essential questions, then we will need to bridge our cultural divide. By heeding the wisdom of the arts, science can gain the kinds of new insights and perspectives that are the seeds of scientific progress.

From a very interesting article in the current issue of Seed Magazine called The Future of Science is...Art? In the piece, the author proposes the development of a new scientific method in which science and the arts work intimately together; where every science department has a resident artist to inspire the scientists with their intuitive truths and to make tangible the scientists findings, and where subjective modes of "truth finding" are used to supplement traditionally accepted scientific ones.

Read the whole article here.

Image by Ernst Haeckel, the patron saint of all things art/science.

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