Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New York Times Review of new Wellcome Center

From the New York Times' Museum Review "One Man's Jigsaw Puzzle, Capturing an Odd World" by Edward Rothstein:
...the display cases provide an almost visceral impression of the variety of human preoccupations with the body, its ailments, its pleasures and its trials. It is too bad that the museum could not display thousands of these pieces, because quantity really is as important as selectivity, and repetition as crucial as variation. A vast yearning can be sensed in them, an attempt to comprehend birth, master death and confront human frailty. It is not the history of medicine that is on display; it is the enterprise of medicine in its largest sense. The art of healing merges with the art of living and dying. Science and religion are intertwined.

Read whole article, which details the history of the collection and the institution here. Check out the Wellcome Center Website here.

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