Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bones Issue of Cabinet Magazine, 2008

So what went on in the anatomy halls? What did medical students do? They played. With the dead... --"Bone Play," Mike Sappol and Eva Ahren

I have just received my copy of the Bones Issue of Cabinet Magazine. Highlights thus far include Mike Sappol and Eva Ahren's "Bone Play" (from which the above images and quotation are drawn) and Scott F. Gilbert and Ziony Zevit's "Congenital Human Baculum Deficiency," which will make you rethink the biblical story of Adam's rib in the most fascinating of ways. Other articles touch on the mummies of Palermo, paleontology, and trepannation. Well worth checking out.

Note on images: Second image down, caption reads "Photograph from the dissection hall at the Academy of Surgery, Copenhagen, C. 1910; Bottom image, caption reads: A lithograph by Edward Hull depicting Death interrupting an author before his writing is complete, 1827.

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