Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wolcott's Instant Pain Annihilator, Medical Advertisement, 19th C?

Apparently, this medication vanquishes many demons, and they are named and noted, for your convenience, in the text of the advert. "Fig 1. Demon of Catarrh, Fig 2. Demon of Neuralgia, Fig 3. Demon of Headache, Fig 4. Demon of Weak Nerves, and Fig 5. Demons of toothache." Looks like it might also do a number of death itself, from the lurking skeleton to the right who seems to be without a signifying figure number.

Click image to see a larger copy and read the text (and match it with the demons) for yourself. Found on the wonderful Monster Brains Blog.


luciana christante said...

i don't know if you already know the blog "She walks softly", but please take a look at at this "medical textbook cake", it's awesome:

JE said...

That is pretty dang amazing! Thanks for posting the link!


Anonymous said...

These are really nice, thanks for this post.

Jim Cwanek said...

The ad can be dated to the early 1860s by the presence among the irritants of the Confederate Flag.